360° Images

360° images allow the user to rotate an image with their finger.


Animate items in InDesign using the Animations panel. Choose from several preset animations or simply create your own.


An audio clip can be added to a page and will play when a button is tapped. Audio can be included in the issue download (local) or streamed from a website (external).


Carousels allow content to be larger than the size of the page. Users can scroll with their finger to the portion of the frame they wish to view.


A link to an email address will open an email compose window within the app, with several fields optionally pre-filled.


Geolocation allows you to add map coordinates to a button that will launch a map view when tapped. This allows you to show users a specific place on a map.

Hotspots and Popups

Hotspots and popups are fixed areas of the page where content can be changed by tapping buttons. This allows a lot more content to reside on one page.

HTML5 Widgets

An inline HTML5 widget is an HTML page visible within a compiled InDesign page. Widgets are commonly used to create data capture forms or display content from feeds such as Twitter.


App Studio apps have a built-in browser that allows Website visits from within the app so users never leave the app to view Web content. Hyperlinks also allow linking between pages of separate files.

Page Flips

A page flip is a page with two sides that can be turned – or flipped – to be viewed from either side (like a playing card).

Selectable Text

App Studio uses HTML5 technology and real text to allow users to select, copy, and search content on-the-fly. HTML5 text is light so issue sizes will be small for quick downloads.


Users can swipe their finger over the image currently displayed to move the next one into view. Indicator dots are overlaid on the slideshow to show how many images there are and which one is currently selected.

Vertical Scrolling Pages

App Studio supports page scrolling both horizontally and vertically.

Vertical Scrolling Text

A text frame that has too much copy to fit in the design of the page can be set to vertically scroll.


A video can be added to a page to play at the size it is placed or use video controls to allow the user to play the video fullscreen. A video can be included in the issue download (local) or streamed from a website (external).

Zoomable Images

Zoomable images are larger than the screen size of the device so users can zoom/pinch and move/pan around the image. This control can be added to the image or to a button that references the image.