360° Images

360° images allow the user to rotate an image with their finger.


Animate items using the HTML5 Window. Choose from presets such as fly-in, rotate, fade or grow with then configure them uniquely for your app.


An audio clip can be added as a media controller within your page design or play across pages using the App Studio native audio player. Audio can be included in the issue download (local) or streamed from a website (external).


A link to an email address will open an email compose window within an app, with several fields optionally pre-filled.


Geolocation allows you to add map coordinates to a button, that will launch a map view when tapped. This allows you to show users a specific place on a map.

Hotspots and Popups

Hotspots and popups are fixed areas of the page where content can be changed by tapping buttons. This allows a lot more content to reside on one page.

HTML5 Widgets and Web Views

You can use HTML content to include changeable content or custom interactivity within an App Studio issue such as real-time ads, panoramas, 360° product tours or Google maps. Web views can reference an online URL or you can embed the HTML within your issue file.


App Studio apps have a built-in browser that allows Websites to be visited from within the app, so users never leave the app to view Web content. Hyperlinks also allow linking between pages of separate files.

Interactive Actions

Interactive actions let you add interactivity to items in a layout such as showing and hiding objects, playing audio and video objects, and changing the image displayed in a slideshow.

Layout Families

Layout families help users automatically create a separate layout for each device and orientation combination. The page count and page sequence are maintained dynamically across all of the layouts.

One-click Synchronised Content

Synchronised content in App Studio layouts lets you reuse the same design elements and content for multiple devices and orientations. Content and box attributes are synchronised while allowing for device and orientation-specific design differences.

Page Flips

A page flip is a page with two sides that can be turned – or flipped – to be viewed from either side (like a playing card).

Scroll Zone

Create a scrollable area within a page so readers can consume the content without having to move between pages. A scroll zone can be populated with whatever you want, whether it's a long run of text, a large panoramic picture, or a series of interactive elements.

Selectable Text

App Studio uses HTML5 technology and real text allowing users to select, copy, and search content on-the-fly. HTML5 text is light, so issue sizes will be small for quicker downloads.


Slideshows support both picture files and pages from QuarkXPress layouts. Customise the timing and effects as well as the slideshow crops for the start and end of each slide to make your slideshows unique.


A video can be added to a page to play at the size it is placed or use video controls to allow the user to play the video fullscreen. A video can be included in the issue download (local) or streamed from a Website (external) such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Zoomable Images

Zoomable images are larger than the screen size of the device so users can zoom/pinch and move/pan around the image. This control can be added to the image or to a button that references the image.