QuarkXPress 10 - Masterclass Session 4

In this session: Animation, Interactive App Content, Tablet Publishing

Audio Enrichments

Augment your digital publication with audio content using QuarkXPress.

Popups & Buttons

Drive engagement with popups and interactive buttons within your apps using QuarkXPress.

Hyperlinks & Pagelinks

Discover how to add hyperlinks and pagelinks using QuarkXPress.

Adding Email Links

Integrating email into your App Studio app content using QuarkXPress.

Picture Zooms

Creating images with full screen pan and zoom for your digital publication using QuarkXPress.

Slideshows with Ken Burns Effect

Easily create unique, configurable slideshows for App Studio apps using QuarkXPress.

Embedding or Referencing Video

Learn how to add excitement to your digital publication by embedding or referencing videos in App Studio apps using QuarkXPress.

Creating engaging apps with QuarkXPress and App Studio

See how easy it is to get started with QuarkXPress.

Creating HTML5 Apps Using InDesign or QuarkXPress

Using HTML5, App Studio translates content easily to the iPad and other tablets using QuarkXPress and InDesign.

Creating your iOS app and publish to the App Store (iTunes)

Learn how easy it is to create your app and publish it to Apple's App Store.

Creating engaging apps with InDesign and App Studio

See how easy it is to get started with InDesign.